we love to travel with low budget, tasting tasty halal food, explore the hidden stories of world, and walk off the beaten path



hello world, hello explorer


We are Naya Sabilla and Puspita Tri Wulandari.

We’re not trying to be traveler or even an expert, having great photos in all the most iconic travel attraction in the world or experience super awesome and perfect journey. We are just trying to having a good time with explore new place that make us curious, especially the one with interesting history.

We are unrich, ordinary, free-spirit, clumsy, reckless, and Ms. Know-it-All. No wonder we always find ourself in poor situation. But it give us bitter sweet experience and funny memories to remember. Because of it, we want to share the story of us that full of drama to the world. Together laughing at our misadventures.

We love our backpack, never go somewhere without them. Backpack is witness of our travels. They always accompany and support us wherever we go. That’s why we use ‘ransel’ (mean backpack in Indonesian) as forename. And Si Bungsu as last name means youngest child and yes that we are. Ranselsibungsu is so represent us.


Kami sangat suka menjelajah situs-situs bersejarah, menikmati tempat indah, mengulik bangunan megah, dan bermain di tempat wisata. Mimpi kami bisa menuntaskan segala tempat wajib kunjung di setiap daerah di negeri ini, lalu pergi wisata bersama ke tanah origami ataupun ke situs heritage di seluruh penjuru negeri. Semoga manusia banyak maunya ini bisa menyicil impiannya itu dan bisa sharing lebih banyak di blog ini. Impian kami yang paling utama ialah menjelajahi negeri ini dan mengenalkannya pada dunia supaya dunia juga mengenal surga yang kita miliki. Semoga jadi nyata! Amin.



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